Monday, June 15, 2009

Arrival In Jaipur

So 30 hours after leaving my frontdoor, I arrived in the pink city, Jaipur. The airport kinda reminded me the one in Bahamas, but bigger. Bassically just one big room with a luggage carrousel (sp?). Being the genius I am, I decided to risk drinking the water at the airport seemed legit....I had paper cups and everything. I guess my bowels will tell me if it was a bad choice in the end.

Stepping outside the airport, I was greeted by my internship manager, Anuj. He took one look at my bags, and exclaimed how pleased he was that I had packed light (because that meant we could take his motorcycle to the guesthouse instead of cabbing). Soooo, in my half-drunk insomniatic state, I got on the two-wheeler and prayed for dear life that I wouldn't go flying off. The ride was really fun, but kinda terrifying. Note to Brent: Royboy's got nothing on Indian drivers.

I'm friggin exhausted....gonna go nap and finish this post tonight.

Back from the nap. First impressions of the guesthouse are good. There's an American, and British guy here, as well as a French and Chinese girl. An all around chill crew. The house itself is pretty standard student housing. The cost.....a whopping 100 INR per night.....or $2.50 CDN. Not bad eh? It gets better. I had an awesome lunch consisting of pizza, and an indian dish I can't remember the name of.....all for 55 rupees, or just over a dollar. All in all, things are looking up. Tomorrow, I'll be going into downtown Jaipur to check out the sights.

Catch y'all later.

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  1. Hey -
    This sounds amazing. And great job on already posting pictures!
    I want to hear more about your friends, and how ur getting along with the rest of the volunteers??
    Is it super hot?
    Anyways, you seem very optimistic in your posts, which is great.
    Have fun! :-)