Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome to the fires of hell

In case you were wondering, yes....I'm still alive. I arrived at my worksite last monday and have been adjusting to the heat since then. Living conditions are spartan, but I can't complain because the locals have it much more tough. For starters, the power and water supply are very eratic. There was no tapwater for the past 24 hours so we had to truck some into our work colony. Electricity will go out for about 3 hours a day on average. And clearly, there is no a/c.

Cold water is also a luxury....and good luck trying to find ice in this village. I'm convinced it doesn't exist here. The average daily temperature is 45 degrees celcius....and there's no way of escaping the heat. Most of the guys will just pass out from 1pm - 3pm and return to the office when things are marginally cooler.

I can honestly say that i've never sweat so much in my life. I drink about 5-9 litres of water a day.....and urinate rarely. When I stand up, you can see sweatmarks on my legs, back, chest....pretty much everywhere. I'll take a picture of my glorious sweaty self....just to drive the point home.

Internet is very hard to come by at the moment, but that should be fixed within the next week. I'll edit this post later and give a few more details.

Oh, did I mention that india has a 6 day work week? Yaaaaaaaaay! My weekend started this morning, and now its over lol.

Cheers Y'all!

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